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Refurbished Hyosung 7600i

Starting at $13,500.00 (cash only) -FEATURES- 15” SLV LCD, EMV Dip, EPP 3 4 Denominations, Thermal Receipt *ABE can assist in getting NDC software and 945 core for additional cost, – It comes bundled from Hyosung. Also available with: Envelope Deposit Ready to Pickup 30-45 days from PO Receipt. Click […]


NCR Self Serv SDM ERBM Sale

Limited Time Sale $1475.00 Refurbished Part No. 006-1069989 Put one in your cart today!

359x284 diebold copy

Diebold purchases Wincor Nixdorf AG

It took 16 months of rumors but it’s finally a done deal. Diebold purchased longtime rival Nixdorf. They’ve become Diebold Nixdorf and a new era begins. Press release from the new company


NCR Self Serv EPP3 Keyboard Sale

New 445-0745474 EPP3 USB keyboards for all NCR Self Serv ATMs. These are brand new EPP3 keyboards ready to ship at a special price of $395.00 each. Put some in your inventory now so you don’t have to pay overnight costs when you have an ATM go down. Price valid […]


Portraits of Local Veterans Get National Attention

At a time when the nation is remembering the passing of its oldest veteran, Emily Didlake, and the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, a local senior living community is remembering veterans and it’s going nationwide.

Portraits taken by Thomas Sanders show veterans stories, and in some cases their battle scars.”

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7 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About Google

“Google isn’t the same little search engine you remember. It’s now part of Alphabet, a new conglomerate started by Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. In honor of this coming-of-age, we’re paying homage to Google’s history with a few fun facts about the company.”

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Kid Dances To ‘Cuban Pete’ By A Crowded Poolside, Shakes It Like He Just Don’t Care

Something fun for your Friday. :)

So you think you can dance? We bet you can’t hold a candle to this kid.

In a wildly entertaining video, a twinkle-toed boy named Guillermo Gael Delgado Garcia offers his own take on Jim Carrey’s memorable “Cuban Pete” dance from “The Mask” — shimmying, shaking and even cartwheeling his way around a crowded swimming pool.”

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One of the greatest business minds of all time, Steve Jobs is a legend, icon, and ruthlessly successful businessman. Here are a few tips and tricks from the man himself.”

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Underwater Island Has Deep Louisville Roots

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Louisville is a city that over 609,000 people call home. Many more live around the metro area. 

It’s a place where names like Sanders, Secretariat, and Slugger have captured the world’s attention. Those names would not mean a thing without another notable name: George Rogers Clark. 

He’s the man who started Louisville back in 1778. He didn’t do that on Market Street, near where the interstate is currently located, or in the West End. He made his mark in the middle of the Ohio River. There was a piece of land in the middle of the water in those days called Corn Island.”

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