Urgent News – Critical NCR 66xx EPP Keyboard Issue

Update 1/5/17 – NCR has released 2 fixes for the EPP issue. The first is a Copyfile patch for the software to prevent a keyboard from being “bricked” if it hasn’t already been affected. The second is a bootable version that will revive a “bricked” EPP keyboard. We encourage you to contact NCR or your service representative to get more information on how to obtain these fixes.

Update 1/4/17 – If your keyboard has been “bricked” by this issue, you will see 2 green lights under the serial number label. See picture above.

NCR notified all its Customers and Partners this morning that there is an issue with NCR 66xx SelfServ ATMs. After re-booting NCR Windows with Aptra, NCR EPP2s with Serial No. 02650000 and less will be “dead”. The ATM re-boots continually and will not come back into service. NCR is warning all its Customers and Partners NOT to RE-BOOT affected 66xx ATMs! NCR EPP3 keyboards do not seem to be affected at this time.

So the only recommendation at this point in time: please do NOT RE-BOOT your NCR ATMs until NCR has a fix for this problem (estimated within the next 24 hours)! Every machine re-booted will create one “dead” EPP !!! If the machine works, let it work. And if the machine was switched off, leave it as is and do NOT RE-BOOT the machine again, until NCR has released a fix for this issue.

It is unknown what the eventual fix will be, and whether it will bring any “bricked” keyboards back to life. We will blog any updates as we receive them.

** Serial numbers can be accessed through APTRA SysApp/Diagnostics or on the bottom of the EPP module.